Converged Security Resilience Champion

Prepare to meet the exceptional individuals nominated in the “Converged Security Resilience Champion” category, proudly sponsored by Everbridge, at the 2023 Australian Women in Security Awards! These individuals have mastered the art of balancing the convergence of digital and physical security.

These nominees have proven their ability to identify and address various challenges that arise when dealing with both cyber and physical security. They have demonstrated their skill in uniting the management of physical and cyber security within their respective organisations and the teams responsible for each aspect.

Australia’s Most Outstanding in the Protective Security Industry

Announcing the nominees for the ‘Australia’s Most Outstanding Woman in Protective Security’ category! Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of these individuals who are making significant contributions to the security field. These outstanding nominees have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and leadership in protective security. They are leaders who possess a diverse skill set, consistently delivering successful and highly regarded products or services, and are deeply committed to excellence in all aspects of their business activities.

Australia’s Most Outstanding in IT Security

Get ready to meet the trailblazing women in security! 🌟 They are exceptional female and non-binary individuals leading the charge in the industry, inspiring others through their accomplishments. From technical brilliance to delivering top-tier products, from recognised leadership to community dedication, these individuals have made a mark.

👏 Let’s celebrate these extraordinary women:

Best Secure Coder

We are thrilled to introduce the 2023 Australian Women in Security Awards – “Best Secure Coder.” These individuals (female or non-binary) have exhibited exceptional expertise in crafting software for various security applications, whether it be for protection or detection purposes. They are either a dedicated team leader or a hands-on coding virtuoso, but their achievements have been tangible and demonstrable.

We proudly present the outstanding nominees for the “Best Secure Coder” category.

Protective Security Champion

We are thrilled to announce the nominees for the Protective Security Champions award category. These individuals have tirelessly supported and empowered women and non-binary individuals in the protective security industry, either through mentorship or impactful leadership. These nominees have made exceptional contributions to improve the lives and status of their peers in the field.

Cybersecurity Champion

The 2023 Australian Women in Security Awards present the “Cybersecurity Champion” category, which combines the previous “IT Security Champion” and “The One to Watch in IT Security” awards. These individuals go above and beyond their role to support, champion, and empower women and non-binary professionals in cybersecurity. This category also spotlights emerging talent, “shooting stars” who has made a significant industry contribution and show promise for future achievements.

Best Volunteer

Celebrating Exceptional Volunteers

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the nominees for the ‘Best Volunteer’ category at the upcoming 2023 Australian Women in Security Awards! These individuals have gone above and beyond, making extraordinary voluntary contributions to enhance the cybersecurity and safety of Australian businesses, governments, and the public.

These remarkable nominees are dedicated to various aspects of cybersecurity, from raising awareness about cyber threats and data breaches to actively engaging in cybersecurity defense or offense across the public, private, or government sectors. They have taken on roles as educators, advocates, and champions in the field, working tirelessly to improve our collective cybersecurity posture and reduce risks stemming from inadequate security controls.

Best Security Student

The 2023 AU Women in Security Awards proudly introduce the nominees for the ‘Best Security Student’ category. Every remarkable security leader embarks on their journey as a novice, whether freshly graduated and pursuing formal education, transitioning into security from another field, or re-entering the workforce after an extended break.

This accolade honors these remarkable students who are already making a significant impact on the industry demonstrating immense potential for future leadership roles.

Unsung Hero

The Unsung Heroes Among Us! proudly sponsored by TAL Australia Introducing the nominees for the “Unsung Hero” award! These remarkable individuals exemplify excellence in all their security roles, going above and beyond to make significant contributions to the cybersecurity industry and community. They tirelessly support and mentor women in the field, advocate for cybersecurity, and extend their roles to better protect organisations from cyber threats.

Let’s recognise their outstanding dedication.

Most Innovative Educator in Cybersecurity

2023 Category Nominees

It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil the exceptional nominees for the distinguished “Most Innovative Educator in Cybersecurity” award. This category celebrates educators who are driving transformative change in the realm of cybersecurity education, equipping learners with the skills and knowledge to safeguard our digital future.

These remarkable nominees embody the spirit of innovation in cybersecurity education. Their contributions are not only shaping the future of digital security but are also inspiring students to champion the cause of cyber-resilience in an increasingly interconnected world.