The One to Watch in Protective Security

This award recognises the ‘rising star’ of the Protective security industry that’s already making a significant contribution to the protective security landscape. It applauds the individual’s proven excellence and innovation in the protective security arena, highlighting their unique capabilities and contributions as they continue to grow in stature and gain increasing recognition.
In your nomination, please answer the below questions for your nomination to qualify, remember judges score solely based on your nomination so give them a fighting chance!
Q1. Describe their efforts/accomplishments in the protective security industry?
Q2. How are they making a significant contribution to the industry?
Q3. What inspires them to give their best and work to continually achieve growing success in the industry?
Q4. How are they demonstrating excellence and innovation in the industry?
Q5. As a rising star, what are they setting their sights on next? Future vision, goals and continual development? (Mainly for self-nominations)