Male Category

Male Champion of Change

Male champions of change are individuals working to shift entrenched gender disparities and championing for more equality in the IT security industry. They demonstrate a genuine commitment by utilising their time, investment and innovation to improve the issue in the industry

In your nomination, please answer the below questions for your nomination to qualify, remember judges score solely based on your nomination so give them a fighting chance!


Q1. How are they working to shift entrenched gender inequalities and champion more equality in the IT industry?

Q2. What inspires them to do so? Why did they get involved?

Q3. Can you share some of their achievements/successes in championing equality?

Q4. Can you describe their ‘champion change’ efforts and what they mean for the future of women in security?

Q5. What’s the hardest thing – or main challenges they face – in striving to work towards more equality for women in the IT security industry? (Mainly for self-nominations)