Male Category

Male Champion of Change

Male champions of change are individuals working to shift entrenched gender-based discrimination and bias in their workplace and/or working to promote equality across the IT security industry. They will have demonstrated real commitment to, and solid achievement of, these objectives.


Please answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. Remember, entries are judged solely on the answers to these questions. So give your nominee the best chance you can. Self-nominations are acceptable. Please limit each answer to 300 words.


Q1  Please describe their formal role in the industry and specific initiatives they have taken to address gender-related issues.

Q2  Please provide some indication of the success of their achievements (eg, what sustainable change has it produced in their organisation? Have they been taken up by others?)

Q3  What challenges have they faced undertaking their championing initiatives?

Q4  How have women benefited from their initiatives (specific examples welcome)?

Q5  What motivated them to become a champion of change? (Mainly for self-nominations)