Team Category

Best Place for Women to Work in Security

This award recognises the workplace that has achieved standout performance in creating an environment that supports, validates and encourages women to achieve their full potential; one that has worked strenuously and successfully to eliminate gender bias in all its forms and create a workplace where all employees are treated equally, regardless of gender.


Please answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. Remember, entries are judged solely on the answers to these questions. So give your nominee the best chance you can. Self-nominations are acceptable. Please limit each answer to 300 words.


Q1  Please describe the involvement of women in security in this workplace, eg, numbers of women in key security roles, etc.

Q2  What specific programs, policies etc does the organisation have designed to encourage women to achieve their full potential?

Q3  What is the organisation doing to ensure its recruitment and promotion practices and policies have no gender bias?

Q4  What is the organisation doing to educate its workforce about gender bias and discrimination, and eliminate these?

Q5  What policies and procedures to the organisation have in place to deal with women’s gender-related issues: discrimination, bias, harassment?

Q6 Please summarise why you believe this organisation is outstanding and deserving of this award.