2024 Awards

Unsung Hero proudly sponsored by TAL

Unsung Hero in Security Excellence Award proudly sponsored by TAL

This accolade is dedicated to recognising the often-overlooked champions in the security realm – those unsung heroes who consistently exhibit excellence in various security roles and activities. These individuals transcend the conventional expectations of their positions, making substantial contributions to the cybersecurity industry or community. Whether it’s through mentoring, unwavering support for women’s professional and personal growth, advocacy for the security sector, or initiatives aimed at fortifying organisational cybersecurity, these unsung heroes leave a lasting, impactful difference.

Nomination Questions:

  • Describe the nominee’s formal role and shed light on their ‘heroic’ and ‘unsung’ contributions to the security industry. How do they surpass the boundaries of their formal responsibilities?
  • Share the tangible outcomes and benefits resulting from the nominee’s ‘heroic’ initiatives and activities. Discuss how these efforts have positively influenced the security industry or community.
  • Outline the challenges the nominee has faced or conquered in pursuing their exceptional activities. How have they navigated obstacles to create a meaningful difference?
  • For self-nominations or if known, delve into what the nominee finds most appealing about the security industry. Why do they persist in striving to make a positive difference?
  • Highlight the qualities that make the nominee truly stand out and deserving of the Unsung Hero in Security Excellence Award. Discuss the unique attributes that set them apart.
  • Explore the reasons behind the nominee’s inspiration to work tirelessly and contribute to the advancement of women, non-binary individuals, and/or the organisation/security industry. What fuels their dedication to creating a positive impact?