2024 Awards

Best Security Student proudly sponsored by AusCERT

Every accomplished security leader embarks on their journey as a novice, whether freshly graduated and engaged in formal education, transitioning into the security realm from another profession, or returning to the workforce after a prolonged hiatus. Sponsored with pride by AusCERT, this award is designed to acknowledge an outstanding student who is already making significant contributions, leaving a lasting impact on the industry, and displaying substantial potential for assuming a leadership role in the future.

Entrants are encouraged to respond thoughtfully to the following questions, as the evaluation process focuses exclusively on these responses. The nominee’s chances of recognition depend entirely on the quality of their answers. Self-nominations are accepted, and responses to each question should be confined to a concise 300 words.

Furthermore, our commitment to diversity is reflected in our recognition of women and non-binary individuals across various categories. To facilitate an inclusive nomination process, kindly provide the nominee’s pronouns if known, ensuring that every deserving individual receives due consideration.

  • Provide a synopsis of their current position and outline the path they took to attain this role.
  • Detail the obstacles they have successfully surmounted on their journey to their current professional standing.
  • Elaborate on specific accomplishments that serve as tangible evidence of their potential for future leadership within the industry.
  • Describe their engagement with the security sector beyond their primary responsibilities in their current role.
  • If self-nominating, outline their strategic plans that signify their potential for leadership within the industry.
  • Share their perspectives on what aspects of the security industry resonate with them the most and articulate why they are driven to continue making a meaningful impact.