2024 Awards

Best in Quantum in Cyber Champion

The “Best in Quantum in Cyber Champion” award recognises outstanding individuals, organisations, or initiatives in Australia that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation at the intersection of quantum computing and cybersecurity. This award honors those who have made significant strides in leveraging quantum technologies to enhance cybersecurity defenses, address emerging threats, and contribute to the advancement of quantum-safe cryptographic practices.

Nomination Questions:

  • Provide an overview of the nominee’s key initiatives at the intersection of quantum computing and cybersecurity. Outline specific projects, research, or implementations that showcase a commitment to advancing both fields.
  • How has the nominee’s work influenced the cybersecurity landscape in the context of quantum computing? 
  • Share examples of how the nominee has innovatively applied quantum technologies to enhance cybersecurity measures. Highlight any novel approaches, algorithms, or solutions that demonstrate a forward-thinking mindset.
  • Describe the nominee’s efforts in collaborating with the cybersecurity and quantum computing communities. Highlight partnerships, knowledge-sharing initiatives, or engagement with stakeholders that have fostered collaboration between the two domains.
  • Discuss the nominee’s contributions to quantum-safe cryptography. Outline any developments, implementations, or advocacy for cryptographic practices that are resilient against quantum attacks.
  • Provide quantifiable metrics or qualitative evidence that illustrates the impact of the nominee’s quantum initiatives on overall cybersecurity posture. This could include improvements in resilience, threat detection, or other relevant security metrics.
  • Detail how the nominee has contributed to educating and raising awareness about the intersection of quantum computing and cybersecurity. Discuss any outreach programs, educational initiatives, or public awareness campaigns undertaken.