2024 Awards

The One to Watch in Protective Security proudly sponsored by Sekuro

Emerging Luminary in Protective Security Award

This accolade honors the emergence of a ‘rising star’ within the protective security industry—individuals in the early stages of their careers who have already left a substantial imprint on the field and exhibit the promise of achieving even greater milestones. Recognising excellence and innovation in protective security, the award seeks to spotlight talents and accomplishments that distinguish nominees as possessing the potential for significant contributions to the industry.

Nomination Questions:

  • Detail the accomplishments of the nominee to date that serve as compelling indicators of their yet-to-be-fully-realised potential.
  • Share insights into the challenges they have successfully surmounted on their journey toward notable accomplishments.
  • Describe the nominee’s influence on the broader protective security landscape, extending beyond their immediate work or study environment.
  • Illustrate how the nominee is actively showcasing excellence and driving innovation within the protective security sector.
  • As an emerging star, outline the nominee’s plans for the future, encompassing personal career goals, educational pursuits, and their vision for contributing to the ongoing development of the industry.