2024 Awards

Neurodiversity in Cybersecurity Excellence

This award aims to recognise outstanding efforts by both individuals and organisations that have surpassed their formal roles to support, champion, and empower neurodivergent individuals within the field of cybersecurity.

Individuals or organisations nominated for this category will be acknowledged for their remarkable contributions and achievements in fostering the progress and success of neurodivergent individuals in the realm of cybersecurity. This recognition celebrates their commitment to extending diversity, equity, and inclusion, positioning them as true ‘Cybersecurity Champions.’

Nomination Questions

  • In what ways does your nominee serve as a role model for fostering neurodivergent inclusion and a sense of belonging, either within the security industry or your organisation?
  • Please elaborate on the changes initiated by your nominee that you believe showcase their impactful contributions to enhancing the sense of belonging for neurodivergent individuals, whether in the industry, the field of security, or within your specific organisation.
  • Could you share the most significant positive learnings, outcomes, and success stories resulting from these changes spearheaded by your nominee?
  • How is your nominee exemplifying leadership, excellence, and/or innovation in driving changes related to inclusion and equity, particularly concerning neurodivergent individuals?
  • What aspects of your nominee’s efforts make them deserving of this award? Consider factors such as the quality, scale, and the level of difficulty in achieving the changes they have implemented.