2024 Awards

Best Innovative Business “reshaping the future” of the Security Industry

This award recognises the Australian business that has demonstrated a significant and impactful commitment to advancing the field of cybersecurity. Whether an industry giant or a pioneering startup, the recipient is distinguished for their noteworthy contributions in addressing the evolving challenges posed by a diverse range of attackers. The award seeks to honor innovators who are actively shaping the future landscape of cybersecurity in Australia.

Nomination Questions:

  • Provide a brief overview of the nominee’s key cybersecurity initiatives. Highlight specific projects, technologies, or strategies implemented to enhance cybersecurity.
  • How has the nominee’s contributions positively impacted the cybersecurity industry in Australia? Discuss any measurable outcomes, industry recognition, or significant advancements resulting from their efforts.
  • Share examples of how the nominee has demonstrated innovation and adaptability in responding to emerging cybersecurity threats. Discuss any groundbreaking approaches, technologies, or methodologies employed.
  • Describe the nominee’s collaborative efforts within the cybersecurity community. Highlight partnerships, information sharing, or engagement with industry stakeholders that have strengthened the collective response to cyber threats.
  • Provide quantifiable metrics or qualitative evidence showcasing the effectiveness of the nominee’s cybersecurity initiatives. This could include reduced cyber incidents, enhanced resilience, or improved threat detection capabilities.
  • Outline the nominee’s vision and roadmap for the future of cybersecurity. Discuss planned initiatives, research, or strategies that demonstrate a commitment to ongoing excellence in addressing cybersecurity challenges.

Organisational Culture:

  • How does the nominee foster a cybersecurity-aware culture within the organisation? Describe any training programs, awareness campaigns, or policies aimed at promoting a proactive cybersecurity mindset among employees.
  • Detail how the nominee aligns with industry best practices and standards in cybersecurity. Highlight any certifications, compliance efforts, or adherence to recognised frameworks that showcase a commitment to excellence.
  • How does the nominee stay ahead of the constantly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape? Discuss proactive measures, threat intelligence utilisation, or incident response capabilities that demonstrate agility in addressing emerging challenges.