2024 Awards

Best Program for Empowering Young Individuals in Cybersecurity

This recognition celebrates programs dedicated to supporting young women and non-binary individuals during the initial phases of their cybersecurity careers. These programs, whether through educational initiatives or experiential activities, strive to inform, inspire, and encourage participation in the security industry. Evaluation criteria include the program’s effectiveness in fostering passion for cybersecurity, assisting in overcoming challenges, and educating participants about the experiences of women in the security field.

Nominate a program by answering the questions below. Keep in mind that responses to these questions are the sole basis for judging entries. Self-nominations are permitted. If known, please provide the nominee’s pronouns.

Q1: Program Details

  • Describe the program you are nominating.
  • What are its primary goals and objectives?
  • How long has the program been operational?
  • How many women and non-binary individuals have participated in the program?

Q2: Addressing Challenges

  • In what ways does the program assist women in overcoming challenges?
  • Can you outline the specific mechanisms or strategies employed to achieve this?

Q3: Impact and Benefits

  • Provide examples of how women and non-binary individuals have benefited from the program.
  • Share specific instances or success stories that highlight the positive impact on participants’ lives.
  • Describe any notable outcomes or achievements resulting from the program’s initiatives.