2024 Awards

Most Innovative Educator in Cybersecurity

Innovation in Cybersecurity Education Award

This award aims to highlight the most innovative educator in cybersecurity, acknowledging individuals or institutions that have shown significant innovation and success in the provision of security education. Cybersecurity education is diverse, ranging from formal courses to informal knowledge-sharing platforms, covering a spectrum of topics from specialised areas for experts to cybersecurity awareness for the broader workforce and the general public.

Nomination Questions:

  • Describe the innovative approaches adopted by the nominee, either as an individual or institution, in providing cybersecurity education. Highlight specific methods, technologies, or initiatives that showcase their innovation.
  • Share measurable success metrics or outcomes resulting from the nominee’s innovative cybersecurity education initiatives. Provide evidence of the positive impact on learners, organisations, or the community.
  • Outline the diversity of educational offerings provided by the nominee. Discuss how they cater to various audiences, from specialists seeking highly specialised topics to the general public interested in cyber safety awareness.
  • Detail any collaborations or partnerships the nominee has engaged in to enhance cybersecurity education. Highlight how these collaborations contribute to the innovation and success of their educational initiatives.
  • Discuss how the nominee’s cybersecurity education efforts have contributed to advancing industry knowledge and expertise. Provide examples of knowledge dissemination and the impact on cybersecurity professionals and the wider community.
  • Explain how the nominee addresses cybersecurity awareness and safety for individuals outside the industry. Describe any initiatives targeting workforce cybersecurity awareness and safety, as well as education for the general public.
  • Share the nominee’s vision for future educational innovations in cybersecurity. How do they plan to continue pushing boundaries and evolving their approach to cybersecurity education?