2024 Awards

Cybersecurity Champion

Cybersecurity Advocacy and Rising Star Achievement Award

This award marks the convergence of two prestigious distinctions: ‘IT Security Champion’ and ‘The One to Watch in IT Security.’ Designed to shine a spotlight on an individual who transcends the conventional expectations of their role, this recognition honors those actively supporting, championing, and empowering women and non-binary individuals in the dynamic realm of Cybersecurity. In addition, this accolade extends to someone deemed a rising star, symbolising significant contributions to the industry with the promise of even more remarkable achievements in the future. Nominees for this category are celebrated for their exceptional contributions and achievements, showcasing diverse talents that position them as true advocates for Cybersecurity.

Nomination Questions:

  • How does your nominee exhibit leadership in advocating for cybersecurity, either within the industry or your organization? In what ways have they actively championed and empowered women and non-binary individuals in Cybersecurity?
  • Share the achievements of your nominee that exemplify unrealized and unique potential or have significantly influenced the industry or your organization. Provide specific examples of their accomplishments that stand out.
  • Describe the most significant outcomes resulting from your nominee’s actions. Provide specific instances where their efforts have led to positive transformations or advancements.
  • Highlight the challenges your nominee had to overcome in achieving these outcomes. Discuss their strategies for navigating and surmounting these challenges.
  • How is your nominee demonstrating innovation and excellence in the cybersecurity industry? Offer specific examples showcasing their creative and forward-thinking contributions.
  • Why do you believe this champion deserves the award? Consider aspects such as the quality, scale, and difficulty of their achievements. What distinguishes them as an outstanding Cybersecurity Advocate?