2024 Awards

Best Security Mentor

Mentorship Excellence in Security Award

This award acknowledges and celebrates the transformative influence of mentors on the professional journeys of women and non-binary individuals within the security field, as showcased in the narratives of Women in Security magazine. Recognising the pivotal role of mentoring, this accolade pays tribute to mentors whose guidance has proven invaluable in shaping the success stories of numerous professionals.

Nomination Questions:

  • Describe the formal role of the nominee within the security industry. Provide insights into their position and responsibilities.
  • Offer information about the scale, scope, and nature of the nominee’s mentoring activities. Outline the depth of their involvement and commitment to mentoring in the security sector.
  • Share details of women or non-binary individuals who have significantly benefited from being mentored by the nominee. Highlight specific success stories or positive outcomes resulting from their mentorship.
  • Discuss what aspects of the nominee’s mentoring style and approach set them apart and make them deserving of this award. Consider qualities that distinguish them as an exceptional security mentor.
  • For self-nominations or if known, explore the motivations that drive the nominee to be a mentor. What inspires them to contribute to the professional growth and development of others in the security industry?