2024 Awards

Australia’s Most outstanding in Protective Security

Australia’s Exemplary Leader in Protective Security Award

This award celebrates an exceptional individual who epitomises excellence, innovation, and leadership in the dynamic field of protective security. Honoring the achievements of a formidable female or non-binary leader, this recognition highlights their diverse skill set, successful delivery of highly valued products or services, and unwavering commitment to excellence across all their business endeavors.

Nomination Questions:

  • Provide details of the nominee’s achievements, showcasing instances of excellence, innovation, or leadership that distinguish them as a standout candidate for this award.
  • Describe how the nominee has demonstrated leadership or fostered collaboration in their achievements. Explain how these collaborative efforts have benefited others within the protective security industry.
  • Discuss the barriers or challenges the nominee has encountered on their journey to outstanding achievement. Outline how they navigated and conquered these obstacles.
  • Share information on the recognition the nominee’s achievements have received to date. Highlight any awards, accolades, or acknowledgments they have earned.
  • Explain how the nominee is making a difference and leading the way as a strong female or non-binary leader in the protective security/resilience industry. Discuss their impact on the industry.
  • Summarise what sets the nominee apart and makes them truly deserving of Australia’s Exemplary Leader in Protective Security Award. Highlight the unique qualities that distinguish them in their field.