2024 Awards

Australia’s Most Outstanding in IT Security

Australia’s IT Security Trailblazer Award

This prestigious award celebrates an exceptional female or non-binary individual who stands at the forefront of the IT security industry, serving as a trailblazer and inspiration for others. The recipient’s achievements span diverse domains, showcasing exceptional technical skills, pivotal roles in delivering market-leading products or services, widely recognised leadership, meaningful community contributions, and a passionate approach to overcoming industry challenges. The awardee is expected to leave a lasting impact on the IT security industry.

Nomination Questions:

  • Provide details of the nominee’s remarkable achievements, emphasising excellence, innovation, leadership, or any combination thereof that positions them as a deserving candidate for this award.
  • Describe how the nominee has demonstrated leadership or fostered collaboration in their achievements. Explain the ways in which these collaborative efforts have benefited others within the IT security industry.
  • Discuss the barriers or challenges the nominee has faced on their journey to outstanding achievement. Outline how they navigated and surmounted these obstacles.
  • Share information on the recognition the nominee’s achievements have received to date. Highlight any awards, accolades, or acknowledgments they have earned.
  • Explore why the nominee is so passionate about the work or projects they tackle. What inspires them to engage fervently in their endeavors within the IT security field?
  • Summarise what sets the nominee apart and makes them truly deserving of the Australia’s IT Security Trailblazer Award. Highlight the unique qualities that distinguish them in their role as an industry leader.