Nomination Recipient Criteria:
  • Need to be based in Australia (the only category that can include recipients from outside of Australia to New Zealand, is the Best Female Secure Coder award as this role is still in its infancy and is shared across the region for many companies. Please note that only this category will accept additional recipient from New Zealand.)
  • Must be over 18 unless they have been nominated by a parent, guardian, teacher or event organiser that has gained prior permission.
  • Each award has its own criteria questions within the nomination process, that will allow the judges insight into the individual and giving them the ability to review and score accordingly.
  • All nominations are confidential, and the person being nominated will not be advised of the nomination (apart from the category announcements on social media) or approached for information, unless there is missing information. If the nomination does not contain answers for each of the questions for that award, our awards team will first reach out to the individual to ask them if they would like the opportunity to answer the missing questions. If they do, we get those in writing and submit those to the judges along with the other completed nominations.

However, if the Awards team deems that exceptional circumstances exist, it may consider nominations inside the periods prescribed above on a case-by-case basis. Exceptional circumstances may include life-threatening illness of the nominee or strong evidence of significant service not covered by the earlier nomination.

Acknowledging award recipients
  • All nominees will be acknowledged through social media with display announcements and the nominees tagged within the relevant categories.
  • All nominees will be acknowledged and placed on the 2021 Australian Women in Security Awards website within the relevant categories.
  • The recipient(s) of each award will be announced and honoured at the annual Australian Women in Security Gala dinner ceremony held on October 13th, 2021, in Sydney, Australia. The winner(s) of each award category will receive an honorary certificate and award.
For more information
  • Please email one of the members of the Source2Create award team:
    Abigail Swabey-
    Charlie-Mae Baker-