The Australian Women in Security Awards program is a critical aspect of our organisation (Source2Create), so selecting the perfect judges is very important to us.

In 2021 the panel will consist of around 30 Australian or expat judges that will bring their expertise, skills, knowledge, experience, and most importantly: a passion for celebrating women in security.

Judges Selection:

We select our judges based on several different criteria, but mainly for their knowledge, experience, and field of expertise in the IT security, Physical Security, and Security and Resilience industry.

1.They could be a CISO or a key figurehead within the Australian market that is eager to promote and enhance the visibility of women in security, which adds legitimacy and prestige to the awards.

2.The individual judge needs to have Industry-related expertise.

3.The individual judge needs to have industry knowledge relevant to the categories of the awards.

4.The judges’ panel needs to be relevant to our awards and our goals.

Our selection of judges ensures that the program gets the prestigious reputation, recognition and coverage the women deserve in the industry.

Sourcing our Judges:
  • Whilst sourcing judges, we look at our clients, the key leading individuals in the Australian market (generally government bodies), organisation employees, general industry experts, or even previous award winners.
  • We compile a list and make sure the range of judges is diverse.
  • Then we reach out, inviting the individuals to be part of our judging panel with the requirements and deliverables included in that correspondence.
The Role of our Judges:

Each Judge is expected to fully participate in the judging process.

They will;

  • Use their knowledge and experience to assess entries during our judge’s month.
  • Check all entries meet the correct category criteria and re-allocate into correct categories if necessary
  • Provide scores and written comments on all shortlisted entrants and award winners
  • Attend the Awards event. If they can, it is important that the judges are there to meet all award finalist, sponsors and guests and be accessible to them.
Judging Process:

Below is a summary of the Judging process;

  • All entries and nominations will be sent to the Source2Create Awards team.
  • All entities and nominations will be collated into their relevant award categories.
  • All entries and nominations will be checked to complete the eligibility and criteria questions.
  • All eligible and quality entries and nomination shall be evenly distributed amongst the Judging Panel ready for the judge’s month review.
  • The Judges month will allow each Judge time to read through the nominations for the categories they have been chosen for. They then must review and score the individuals in the categories, and then make their recommendations for their top 3 finalists. If there is a tie-breaker, we will first give the category to another judge to critic the finalists selected to try and reach a consensus. We will do this before bringing the judges together for a more in-depth discussion.
  • By the end of the Judges month, each category will have a shortlist of entries.
  • By the end of Judges month, each category shall also have a Winner, and could also have Highly Commended or Special Recognition awards given for that category based on the scores given and their proximity to each other. The Winners will be announced during the Awards final event.
  • Please note that a Judge cannot, and will not be allowed to review, discuss or have an influence upon any categories that their in-house creative teams have entered or if they have a conflict of interests.
  • Any judge who is nominated will be removed from judging that category for which (s)he has been nominated.
  • Any judge who nominates another staff member will be removed from judging that specific category for which (s)he has submitted a nomination.