Champion of Change

Champions of Change in Cybersecurity Award

Formerly recognised as the ‘Male Champion of Change,’ this distinguished award now celebrates both male and non-binary champions of change actively committed to dismantling entrenched gender-based discrimination and bias within their workplace. These champions also play a pivotal role in promoting equality throughout the Cybersecurity industry. Awardees will be those who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to and achieved significant milestones in fostering inclusivity and gender equality.

Nomination Questions:

  • Describe the nominee’s formal role in the industry and outline specific initiatives they have undertaken to address gender-related issues, both within and outside your organisation.
  • Provide indicators of the success of the nominee’s achievements. Include details on sustainable changes within their organisation and whether their initiatives have been adopted by others in the industry.
  • Outline the challenges the nominee has faced in executing their championing initiatives. Describe how they navigated and surmounted these challenges.
  • Share specific examples of how women have benefited from the nominee’s initiatives. Highlight positive outcomes and improvements directly resulting from their efforts.
  • Explore the motivations that led the nominee to become a champion of change. For self-nominations, elucidate the personal commitment and driving factors behind their advocacy for gender equality.