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Excellence in Secure Coding Award

This award recognises an outstanding individual, regardless of gender identity (female or non-binary), who has demonstrated exceptional expertise in the development of software for security applications. Whether in protection or detection, serving as a team leader or a hands-on coder, their achievements must be applied and demonstrable.

Nomination Questions:

  • Provide details of the project(s) that, in your view, qualify the candidate for this award. Highlight the significance of their contributions to secure coding.
  • Describe the candidate’s role in the nominated project. Whether as a team leader or hands-on coder, explain their specific responsibilities and contributions.
  • Share the main benefits and outcomes achieved through the candidate’s involvement in the project. Discuss the positive impact of their secure coding expertise.
  • Outline the main challenges faced during the project and how the candidate navigated these obstacles to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Explore what the candidate loves most about coding in the security industry. What motivates and inspires them in their work within the realm of secure coding?
  • How does the organisation/company plan to build on the candidate’s project/projects? Discuss future initiatives or developments inspired by the nominee’s contributions.
  • Summarise what sets the candidate apart and makes them truly deserving of the Excellence in Secure Coding Award. Highlight the unique qualities that distinguish them as a leader in secure coding.