Best Industry Initiative that Supports Diversity, Inclusion and Equality proudly sponsored by AustCyber

Explore and nominate exceptional initiatives that champion diversity, inclusion, and equality, whether within organisational confines or through external community-focused campaigns. Whether it’s an internal program or an external effort, the awards celebrate initiatives based on their scale, quality, success, acceptance, and innovativeness.

To nominate, provide comprehensive responses to the following questions. Entries will be evaluated solely based on the information given. Encourage self-nominations and limit each answer to 300 words.

Initiative Overview (300 words max):

  • Concisely outline the initiative, emphasising its purpose, goals, and the impact it has made in advancing diversity, inclusion, and equality.
  • Detail the reach and scope of the initiative, specifying the number of individuals, teams, or communities positively affected by the program.
  • Discuss the initiative’s quality, focusing on meticulous planning, execution, and sustainability. Highlight any distinctive features or strategies that distinguish it.
  • Share measurable outcomes and success metrics associated with the initiative. This may include improvements in diversity metrics, employee satisfaction, community engagement, or other relevant success indicators.
  • Describe the level of acceptance and engagement the initiative has garnered from participants, stakeholders, and the broader community. Include any feedback or testimonials that underscore its positive reception.
  • Showcase the innovative aspects of the initiative. Explain how it pioneers new approaches, introduces creative solutions, or breaks new ground in addressing diversity, inclusion, and equality challenges.