Best Place for Women to Work in Security

This award recognises the workplace that has adopted practices that create and foster an environment that supports, validates and encourages women to achieve their full potential.

Many organisations in the security industry are actively promoting and recruiting women because they recognise the correlation between diversity and business success.

Please answer the below questions, discuss how different programs and support mechanisms are nurturing and promoting women across the talent pipeline; whether the organisation has low attrition rates for women and is continually promoting and retaining women; or how initiatives like flexible working, return-to-work programs, and leadership development or professional training are fostering a culture of recognition and equality.


Q1. How does this workplace create and foster a supportive environment for women?

Q2. What are some of the practices in place that encourage women to achieve their full potential?

Q3. How is the company promoting and recruiting women?

Q4. How is the company nurturing and promoting women across the talent pipeline?

Q5. Is leadership development and professional training high on the company’s agenda and foster a culture of equality?